You Me Her is a sitcom exploring a truth that some couples are too ashamed to admit, the spark just doesn’t exist anymore. In this 90s based series, characters Jack and Emma Trakarsky come to the realization that while they love each other very much, they’ve lost the fire that keeps them physically attracted to each other.


When professional help fails to do its job, Jack consults his brother who recommends trying an escort. What happens next is the reason you will stay hooked until the next few episodes. This romcom may not have you in splits but it will definitely have you smirking away to glory for all that the series has to say. Enter escort, Izzy and soon begins a series of events in three lives, causing chaos, great sex, moral policing, some more sex and a very confused set of characters. It takes a while, but you’ll soon grow to love the satire that the series has to offer.


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Izzy battles her own confused thoughts about being the third wheel in a relationship and failing at her own relationships with friends. You slowly learn that she just may be attracted to one partner more than the other. Complete with a montage of everyday city shots, the cinematography itself sets the time and era.


This makes it easier to understand why a society of the time would find it difficult to accept such an arrangement. Not only do Jack and Emma have to save their sex lives but also their reputation in society, with big careers on the line.


It’s an apt time to say The Struggle is Real.


This earnest take on monogamy gives viewers a new insight into extramarital affairs. If the escort refuses to be paid, is she still an escort? Is it extramarital if both parties are consenting? If both parties are consenting, does it make it any less of a crazy idea? Consider that both parties fall in love with the escort, is she even an escort anymore? And if the escort loves you both back, do you really need to pay her?


You Me Her manages to answer a bunch of questions and also elicits a whole new bunch of questions. A lot of times, the characters will answer you while answering their own doubts and no one’s complaining.


Tune in to You Me Her for a bit of entertainment with a side of a reality check. Who knows? You just might be into it too!

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Bingewagon rating-  3.5/5


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