When Home is an Idea by Rochelle D’Silva is a heart-warming book of short poems and blank verses. I came upon this one at a play I recently attended and picked it up pretty impulsively. However, on going through every poem, you learn so much about the author and her personal struggles with finding home wherever she goes.


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The verses talk about belonging, travel, finding comfort, losing loved ones to distance, looking for meaning in life and living out of suitcases.


She has stayed at numerous places around the world and has called many places home. Born and brought up in Bombay, Rochelle returns to the city in 2014 after 18 years of staying abroad.


Her pieces are rich in everyday Bombay sightings like a crowded Virar local, the monsoons in the city, the traffic, the potholes, the crowd, the hospitality, the welcoming nature of people and even the smells that define the city.


When Home is an Idea manages to draw you into every poem and keep you glued until the next. Until finally, you’ve finished the book sooner than you wanted to.


All that said, a book like this would resonate stronger with anyone who has lived in Bombay. And even those who have had to move out or those spending a great amount of time away from home.








Divided into three parts; But What Is Home Anyway, Limbo and The Re-Return, Rochelle D’Silva easily manages to paint pictures in your head with her descriptive style of writing. Her usage of poetic devices is captivating and even leaves so much for the reader to derive. Take your time with this one, read it twice if you love it. It’s a beautiful book of poetry that manages to make you feel things for a city even though you may have never lived in it or left it for any reason.


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Bingewagon rating- 4/5


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