NBC’s ‘This is us’ is a timeline shifting, tear-inducing, extremely well-crafted TV show. The pilot starts off with a story about four people who share the same birthday and ends in a fantastic twist. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) adopt a black baby that was left at a fire station, the same day that they lose one of their triplets during childbirth. The series follows the present lives of the family where the kids are all grown up while flashing back to the past when they were babies and teenagers.


Through the bifurcated story-telling, it’s plain to see how small incidents of childhood shape one’s adult life. Almost 95% of the time, “This is us” stitches together multiple timelines of emotional family drama. Except¬†there’s a mystery twist in the story; The demise of Jack Pearson and the reason for his death. While the series offers some stellar story-telling, it could be a tad bit slow for some peoples liking. Personally, I’ve had more than one tear-stained pillow night. This entire show is literally a sobfest, but don’t we always feel better after a good cry!


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Each character is extremely likable and as a result, you get emotionally invested in their story. The show perfectly tackles heavy themes; the trials and challenges of family life, and is just earnest and heartwarming. This show is going to make you want to give your mom/dad/sibling/dog/stranger on the street a giant hug! It’s going to make you feel all the pent-up emotions that you so carefully bottled up!


One of the recurring quotes that I quite liked from the show was, “Take the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turn it into something resembling lemonade”.





‘This is us’ has become one of my favorite shows and from the very first episode, it’s quite easy to see why!

Bingewagon Rating- 4/5


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