Diana Spencer is no stranger to the world. Princess Diana had a story that was narrated to the world, often without her permission and yet the documentary The Story Of Diana, ironically, tells the exact tale of the love-hate relationship between Diana and her storytellers, the media.


The Story of Diana is an insightful look into the world of the Princess of Wales. It covers her marriage, her lovers, her ordeals as the wife of the future King of England. And it also covers her struggle to keep her children away from the public’s scrutiny. Diana and the paparazzi shared a complicated bond. It’s hard to tell whether it was the media feeding off her every move or the other way around.


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The storytelling in this 4-hour narrative is beautiful, immersive, emotional and keeps you at the edge of your seat, eager to hear about the life of a woman who brought the world to tears both, on her wedding day and the day she died.


Her story needed to be told to those who weren’t lucky enough to grasp that much during her time. And rightly, her story needed to be heard through the media, by the media and for the future of any subject who would one day become the face of the royal family.


If you weren’t already in love with her, you will fall in love in a matter of hours. The press chased her for her simplicity, grace, and tact among other reasons. Other times, she fed them what they wanted, the poses, the glamour, the flirtatious grins.


The story of Diana is more than a story of a Princess. It’s a story of a young lady taking control of her life at every step of the way. How she empowers herself in the face of struggle, lack of privacy, a failing marriage and uncalled for public criticism. It is also a foretelling of media behaviour for all the years to come. And in that becomes a relevant piece of realization for the present-day millennial.


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Bingewagon rating: 4/5


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