The Last Secrets of 9/11 is a documentary about the identification of the deceased victims of 9/11. It portrays the ordeals of their families in the hope of tracing their remains. While the documentary itself is very heart touching, it doesn’t really have a lot to say other than the simple fact that the New York Medical Examiner office, at 3 different stages had newer technologies to trace DNA and compare it to the missing victims’ DNA samples.


By the time the 40-minute documentary is done, you’re left wishing you had more to know from it. The information is limited, the language and jargon are easy to understand.


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The tone is sympathetic and does have an emotional touch. But to be honest, I expected it to have more information in a better storytelling style. It could have lost me anytime within those 40 minutes.


The documentary does not tell you much about the attack itself. It covers the struggles of the New York Medical Examiner over years of sifting through remains, testing, and researching. And all this resulting in identifying fewer remains through the years. Although the purpose and their will are highly saluted, the documentary itself doesn’t live up to expectations.


The stories are strong and will probably tear you up if you’re the emotional kind but to an audience that is looking for a thrill or an enticing story, this documentary is not where you’ll get it.


Bingewagon rating- 2/5


15 years since 9/11, watch here


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