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Ever wondered what could happen to civilization if the world ever came to an end? Well, Jason Rothenberg has made quite a spectacle about it with the series The 100. I’m still in shock at the storyline and at the possibilities attacked by Rothenberg in this post-apocalyptic fiction. The series tells us the story of 100 survivors who are sent to the ground (earth), 97 years after a massive nuclear war made it completely toxic. These 100 and their families have lived in space in a huge ship they’ve called the Ark, the only place to sustains life they’ve ever known. You can imagine their excitement to finally come down to the ground, to earth, a place they’ve only ever heard stories of from their ancestors who’ve lived there themselves.



The 100 CW Netflix Series Review

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But joy is a short-lived emotion in this series and you’ll probably come to ‘hate to love’ the writers and decision makers of the show as you go through the series, biting your nails off, crying your heart out and experiencing complete heart-break at the death of so many characters you’ll come to love. But isn’t that what we love doing to ourselves anyway? Journey with the 100 as they learn lessons of survival, leadership, sacrifice, and love as they come to realize that surviving earth is much more than what they made it out to be.


Personally, this show has become a favorite for me and I cannot wait for its return with Season 5 this year, April 24th on CW and Netflix.








Favorite Quote:


If I had to share a quote that stayed with me from this show, it would have to be this one: “Maybe life should be about more than just surviving” (Episode 2×14) but you have no context if you haven’t watched it yet, so I’d say give this one a try.

And if it doesn’t keep you wanting more, I’ll accept defeat.


Bingewagon Rating- 4/5


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Faye D'cruz

Faye D'cruz is a 22 year old with an old soul and a passion for telling stories through poetry. With a poetry blog, micro tales on social media and a number of stories written in the form of fan fiction, her life experiences find they’re way into little works of art that strike a chord with anyone who encounters it.

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