The Tandoor Murder


About the book:

The Tandoor Murder is a book about the murder of Naina Sahni that took place on 2nd July 1995 in a restaurant in the heart of Delhi. It was the discovery of her body that proved to be the highlight of the case and also the downfall of all tandoor restaurants in Delhi.

What you can look forward to:

The book keeps you hooked on to the turn of events as the murder took place and the discovery of the body. The storytelling style here is of a first person’s account, that of ACP Maxwell Pereira. This allows you into the mind of the protagonist, who begins to put together a detailed account of the case, allowing you into every minute details. From the press to the investigators to the criminal on the loose. The book also places a mirror in front of the judicial system, and the influence of some bigger characters in the story. Thus shedding light on the two-faced political and legal systems of the country.

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After moving into the nitty-grittys of the case, the narrative begins to get a little too detailed. Because of this, you’re almost lost at some point. Some of the details mentioned would require you to constantly open up a glossary of terms. Especially if you are new to the jargon of criminal investigation.

Why should you read it:

The Tandoor Murder is a one of its kind case in the history of homicides in India. The case found fame due to its gruesome nature and the number of influential names involved.


The latter half of the book picks up speed with the narration of every hearing and the change in the voice of the accused. It is a sheer thrill of a read to watch how a case like this unfolded.


Bingewagon Rating: 3.5/5


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