I think I’m probably the last person to have hopped on this wagon! But for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, Stranger Things is straight out of one of R. L Stine’s novels (Goosebumps/Fear Street). The story starts off with four close friends in the quiet town of Hawkins; A town where nothing ever happens. When Will Byers (Noah Schnapp); one of the four ‘dungeons and dragons’ nerds goes missing, strange things start happening. The 12-year olds set out to find their friend and accidentally discover ‘Eleven’  (Millie Bobby Brown); an almost mute girl with telekinetic powers.



Stranger Things Netflix Original Review

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Stranger Things is a Nostalgia Time Machine!


This Netflix Original has all the ingredients of 80s science and horror fiction; Faceless monsters, mysterious happenings and some chilling moments. (Just a tad bit scary enough for me to skip going alone to the kitchen for my midnight snack). All the child actors, especially Noah Schnapp in Season 2, are so good that they effortlessly lead the viewer into vouching for them as heroes while they stick through thick, thin and sticky monster tunnels!



There’s greatness in Mystery and that’s exactly what Stranger Things does best in Season 1. Season 2 was literally a bigger and more monstrous version of Season 1. There were a few cast additions; Tomboy Max, (Sadie Sink) the newest addition to the gang since Eleven went missing and her trash talking, forever angry brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery). Elevens childhood backstory and her growing closeness with Police Chief Jim Hopper played a large part in Season 2. As much as I loved it, Season 2 held a slightly less appeal once most of my mystery questions were resolved!








‘Stranger things’ is like hitting the 80s nostalgia button again and again. In addition to all its similarities to past shows like X-files, don’t miss the 80s synth-pop score which only adds to the nostalgia. The best part is that it’s well paced at 8-9 episodes per season which are just about right for effective story-telling. If you’re still procrastinating about watching this one, you need to binge-watch this right now! It really is as good as everyone claims!


Bingewagon Rating- 4/5



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