Santa Clarita Diet


Do not. I repeat. DO NOT watch this while eating dinner. On second thought, do not watch this at all. You’ll know why soon enough.
We all love Drew Barrymore, right? I mean, I’ve probably watched ’50 first dates’ 50 times when I was 16. So I started watching The Santa Clarita diet, a Netflix Original because she’s in it.

It follows a married couple; Sheila and Joel, both real estate agents, living their everyday suburban lives, until Sheila pukes her guts out (And I mean that literally), on the newly carpeted living room floor of a house whose deal was just about to be closed. There’s more vomit than your worst food poisoning experience, following which, Drew Barrymore turns into an undead cannibal.



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At first, she’s content with eating raw meat. The next moment Gary (Nathan Fillion), their new colleague is lying in their backyard, half eaten, intestines spilled out on the fresh green grass.
The rest of the season is Sheila’s family trying to live an as normal as possible life, while simultaneously trying to find a way to satisfy her savage food cravings without killing anyone else.


In any case, marriage is about asking each other what you’d like to eat for dinner for the rest of your lives! The family tries their best to care for a someone that they love while dealing with the moral dilemmas that come along when your loved one craves human flesh.

Oh, and undead cannibalism makes you hornier than you’ve been in years.



Is this show weird?
Does it make you go “Ewww”? Also, yes.


There’s blood spurts, puddles of guts, body parts in buckets, Sheila’s black gooey blood, and yellow bile all over the place. If that’s something you’re not into, I strongly suggest skipping the Santa Clarita Diet, just like all the other diets you already skipped this year!


Bingewagon Rating- 2.5/5


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