‘Oh, Ramona!’ currently streaming on Netflix is a coming of age, teenage, sex-comedy. This Romanian movie directed by Cristina Jacobs just feels very muddled and disorienting.


Andrei, (Bogdan Iancu) a teenage nerd, who can barely talk to girls is in love with Ramona, (Aggy K. Adams) the hottest girl in school. He musters up the courage to ask her to dance at a party. Ramona, amused by his moves decides to indulge him. Knowing he has a huge crush on her and that he’s a virgin, she tries to get Andrei to sleep with her. But he declines, claiming to be in ‘love’ with her, and that he wants a relationship, rather than a one night stand. Heartbroken by her lack of interest in a relationship, he goes on a vacation with his mother.



From this point onward the movie starts to make little to no sense. Andrei falls in love with the receptionist at the hotel Anemona (Holly Horne). He suddenly goes from nerd to ladies’ man in less than the time that it would take to get your legs waxed. And if you think that’s a weird reference, it’s got nothing on this movie. He manages to “patao” Anemona. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend, so they can’t be together. He did lose his virginity to her the previous night though. So let’s give the nerd that!
He goes back to school with a dramatic make over and gets Ramona to fall for him.


Netflix Oh Ramona Bingewagon

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The entire plot is half baked. The story lines feel like 5 ideas were thrown into a hat, and then merged to make this movie. The sex scenes are censored with fingers being dipped into fruits and whipped cream. (Also, haven’t we seen this visual before?)

Andrei himself narrates random anecdotes throughout the movie which seems unnecessary. The ending of the movie takes the cake though, and somehow explains why there was a narrator. (Not sure if it’s explanation enough.)





I’m going to give you the 2005 English exam storyboard summary, which will include all the spoilers, just so you don’t have to watch the movie to know how it ends!


He gets Ramona- Realises he wants Anemona- Andrei then ends up with Anemona – Years laters cheats on Anemona with Ramona – Anemona leaves him – Narrator then speaks to him in real life (Whaaa?) – Narrator is his future self who can grant him whatever he wants, just like a genie – He wishes himself back at the initial dance party – The end.


Need I say more?


I think not.


Bingewagon Rating- 3/10


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