This CBS comedy sitcom is about a mom and her daughter; both alcohol addicts that have newly discovered the greatness of sobriety. They make their way through life’s ups and downs; love, death, friendship and worst of all Poverty. Christy (Anna Faris) plays the doe-eyed, “I’m always failing at life because my mother abandoned me for alcohol when I was little”, charming nonetheless daughter. She’s in a love-hate relationship with her mother Bonnie (Allison Janey) who is the absolute bomb! Her witty, sarcastic remarks are the life of the show.

In addition to hosting her mother, Christy has got her hands full. A divorced mom with two kids, she works as a waitress at a posh restaurant while her mom fakes her way through life.


They both freeload as much as the next middle-class family whenever and wherever possible! Letting the rich friend pay for dinner, taking home leftovers from the restaurant; the poverty card is rampant throughout the show.


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There’s a pattern of addiction and bad mothering from Bonnie’s mom to Bonnie to Christy’s turbulent relationship with her daughter. Let’s not miss Christy’s pothead of an ex-husband who’s as much of a good influence on her kids as her mother.


Throw in the girl gang from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), a handicapped boyfriend, a fake lesbian relationship, a Cancer-riddled mother figure, and a rape that happened years ago; This show has it all! It swings from comedy to tragedy and manages to pull that off in the span of your everyday 20-minute sitcom. Every once in a while, the show veers towards the dark side of alcohol addiction and has some real heartbreaking moments.


Join Bonnie & Christy on ‘MOM’ as they fall off the wagon and jump right on. And between all the laughs, you’ll realize that sometimes your mom really is your best friend!


Bingewagon Rating- 3.5/5


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