The protagonist in this particular series, Jessica Jones by Marvel on Netflix is not your regular superhero, and by that I mean, I don’t think your kids need to learn any lessons from her until the age of 18.


Jessica Jones lives in an apartment in New York City which also doubles as her own P.I office- Alias Investigations. Having given up trying to be a superhero after a tragic incident that’s left her with major PTSD, her aim is to keep her apartment in good shape and get through the day. Her past, however, catches up with her and he is one hell of a bitch that’s back to haunt her.


Now think about this. Kilgrave, Jessica’s past nemesis/lover has the power to control minds. Right from shutting people up, to getting them to torture others, from condemning them to a ‘forever’ of silence while standing still facing a wall on the street, to even killing themselves. Kilgrave feels no remorse in choosing a fate for people, as long as he gets his way. And what exactly does he want? For Jessica Jones to love him the same desperate way he does.


Through season 1, we are introduced to a number of characters that add to Jessica’s life. One of my favourite characters is Trish A.K.A Patsy, Jessica’s best friend/adoptive sister. The two of them seem to share a unique relationship that plays such a huge role through the series. We also get to know Luke Cage, another one of Marvel’s heroes, and Jessica’s current love interest.



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Jessica has a lot to say about ‘heroes’ through the series and she has good reason to. Her lonely, dark, depressing life gets more and more gruesome with every episode and honestly, I could relate to her need for alcohol at all odd times of the day. You will excuse me now while I go on to watch season 2 and stalk all of the show’s actors on Instagram and twitter.


Bingewagon rating- 3.4/5


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Faye D'cruz

Faye D'cruz is a 22 year old with an old soul and a passion for telling stories through poetry. With a poetry blog, micro tales on social media and a number of stories written in the form of fan fiction, her life experiences find they’re way into little works of art that strike a chord with anyone who encounters it.

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