Bestselling author of ‘The subtle art of not giving a fuck’ Mark Manson, comes back to the spotlight with his latest title ‘ Everything is F**ked : A Book about Hope ’. If you haven’t read his first book, then his style of writing may not appeal to you at first, but give it a chance I’d say, there’s hope.


Mark Manson, in his first book, tackled everything from happiness, the struggle within your mind and those in the world, the concept that the world owed you something, and choosing your pain. His second book ‘ Everything is F**ked : A Book about Hope ‘ talks about our shortcomings as humans and the tyrannies we face in the world. It also talks about the irony of being the most connected yet disconnected species. He writes about our generation being the most fortunate than all our previous generations and yet being the most hopeless generation still.



Why you’ll love the book:


What’s crazy about the book is that Manson takes you through every theory with the help of hypothetical situations. He references legendary philosophers like Plato, Nietzsche, and Tom Waits. He deep dives into religion and science, and might open your mind up to perspectives you would have never thought about before or maybe it crossed your mind, but didn’t think them through. Well, Mark does the thinking for you.


Everything is Fucked is a quick read, it’s a counter-intuitive guide to the problems of hope’. It takes you into the mind of Manson, where he’s already dissected every though that could be inspired by his writing. Sometimes, it’s like he’s reading your mind. Other times, you wish you could think as deeply as him.


That being said, if you’re not much of a deep thinker yourself or if you don’t care much for the intricacies of the mind and the state of being, the book could do either of two things for you: throw you off in the first two chapters or lead you to the end. There’s no in between.’



What the book misses:


What it lacks though is a punch. Two days after rereading the book, I can honestly say, there’s nothing that stays with me from it. Of course he’s opened my eyes to a number of things. But it does nothing to change or inspire my state of being.


What I love most about ‘ Everything is F**ked : A Book about Hope ‘ is that Manson talks about hope so confidently, that every theory he presents to you sounds like gospel truth. He bothers to show you the theory from the eyes of every affected party. Thus, making sure he covers every side of it. The end of the book touches upon a very important aspect of technology and what it means for the hope of humanity. A technology that is growing at the speed of light but is hardly being spoken about enough.


Bingewagon Rating: 3.5/5


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