Dangerous Minds by S. Hussain Zaidi and Brijesh Singh did not impress me as much as Hussain Zaidi’s previous books have. It easily covers every detail about the complex and intricate lives of terrorists, gang lords and the local goons who were the underworld’s coveted and the police’s most wanted. But it lacks the thrill and excitement that his earlier reads boast of.


The only thing that impressed me about Dangerous Minds was the fact that the author managed to capture the intensity of every profile, their purpose, their reasoning and even the sacrifices and sorrows that the men and women in question put themselves through.


Hussain Zaidi is a storyteller of the underworld. Having said that, he has definitely captured the transformation of simple men into merchants of death. So if you’re looking for the action and thrill that he otherwise offers, this is not where you’ll find it.


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Bingewagon rating- 3/5


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