Ever been 48 weeks into your ex’s new girlfriend’s Instagram, when you accidentally hit the like button? Well, in Crazy Ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Bunch’s (Rachel Bloom) life is much, much worse. After a nervous breakdown at her high profile law firm in New York, she quits her job. She then shifts her entire life to West Covina where Josh (Her ex-boyfriend of 15 years ago) lives. In this case, the definition of “ex-boyfriend” is; The childhood romance you had with a random guy at summer camp when you were a kid that was over when your mom picked you up at the end of the summer! So you see how things could get awkward if people found out she moved across states for this “Ex-boyfriend”.


What ensues is white lies and hilarious schemes to get back with him. All in the name of TRUE LOVE! Standing in the way of that True Love is Josh’s (Vincent Rodriguez III) hot, yoga-bodied girlfriend of 15 years- Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz). And what better way to steal Valencia’s boyfriend than to become her best friend!


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At first, you think Rebecca is bat-shit crazy. But by the time you reach Season 2, you probably start seeing parts of her in yourself. (And yes, you should be worried!)

The CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is not just your average romantic comedy show. It offers a satirical feminist message and addresses mental illnesses including depression and borderline personality; all without losing the humor. To top it off, the characters break into original musical numbers in every episode ranging from synth-pop and Disco to Rock and Soul genres. I’ll admit a couple of them seem like those cringy, parody songs, but some are Whitney Houston level amazing!


Crazy ex-girlfriend may seem like your stereotypical ‘girl gets depressed after a break up’ story, but it’s fresh, energetic and really more nuanced than that! You’ll see!


Bingewagon Rating- 4/5


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