Four More Shots Please


Four More Shots Please is an Amazon Prime original that revolves around the lives of four millennial women who are on a journey to find themselves but instead wind up on the path of self-destruction. At first glance, they look like a perfect fit for the brazen, booze-fueled South Bombay lifestyle. With an eye for all things trendy, but a taste for most things frivolous, these ladies step out like they know how to slay. Unfortunately for them, one important accessory they’re lacking, but desperately need, is ‘sound judgement’. While they’re all independent and quirky, they’re also fragile, flawed and often out of control.


The story weaves through the ups and downs of their lives, their dashed dreams, their dark pasts and unhealthy relationships. The four of them share their lives and secrets, exchange notes on careers and sex. Here, nothing is off the table. While there are a few endearing moments of friendship that stand out, for the most part, the show lacks any substance or depth. The conversations and internal battles feel shallow and contrived. Their handling of some situations seem comical, to say the least. While each character has a starkly different story, particular attention is paid to just one area of their lives, turning them into unidimensional caricatures, with a drinking problem.


The show tries to sell “wokeness” by cueing in every cliché in the millennial playbook, from drunken parties, beach sex and blind ambition to cam sex, jealous single moms and commitment phobia. The show makes women empowerment feel like a juvenile delinquents’ ploy. Despite sensational dialogues about vaginas and multiple cringe-worthy sex scenes (with bras on), the show just floats around, never making it to the other side of logic. Throughout the show, the women continue to make bizarre life choices and have a ‘few’ drinks to get over them. Their collective ideological echo chambers only scream Red Flag. While there are a couple of redeeming moments, all in all, the show is a bleak reminder of how the antidote to chaos does not lie in a bottle of tequila.


My advice to the director, No more shots, please!

My rating – 1.5/5


-Pallavi Mukhopadhyay (Guest Reviewer)


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